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10 PLM’s Benefits Every Fashion Company Needs to Know

Anna Vlasova Fashion / PLM January 24, 2023
Apparel PLM Benefits

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important for fashion companies as it can help them to manage processes, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration. It provides a wide range of advantages for fashion companies, from streamlining processes and increasing efficiency to improving collaboration and decision-making. With modern SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms,…

How to Get Started with Fashion Product Sampling

Martina Petruzzi Fashion January 3, 2023
fashion product sample tracking

Product sampling is an effective and affordable way of introducing people to your fashion line. It’s a great option for businesses that are looking to reach new audiences and generate interest in their products. If you’re considering starting a product sampling program for your fashion line, be sure to read…

Is Fashion Falling Behind In Virtual Reality?

Kurt Hentschel Fashion December 14, 2022

A few years ago, not long after modern virtual reality rose to commercial prominence, the idea began to circulate that VR would come to define the fashion industry. It was thought that those interested in the said industry would be tuning in to runway shows broadcasted through virtual reality goggles.…

What is Fashion PLM and Why Do You Need It?

Martina Petruzzi Fashion / PLM June 27, 2022
what is fashion plm

In the fashion industry, product lifecycle management (PLM) is critical for ensuring that products are designed and manufactured efficiently and meet customer demands. However, many businesses do not have a PLM system in place, which can lead to a number of problems including missed deadlines, design flaws, and excess inventory.…

5 Signs You Need a Fashion PLM Software

Martina Petruzzi Fashion / PLM May 12, 2022
5 signs you need plm for fashion

Apparel companies are right to ask whether they really need a fashion PLM software. This software is used by fashion brands, retailers, and designers to manage their production from design to retail. The fashion industry is a huge and ever-growing market, with an annual revenue of about $1 trillion. Despite…

The 4 most recent Wave PLM’s design improvements

Maria Kudriashova PLM February 2, 2022
plm design

User-friendly interface is essential for every software. We are constantly improving the interface design of Wave PLM to make the experience of our users simple and efficient. We analyze users’ needs, build logical schemes of the interface, and test prototypes on the target audience. Our team also work on the…