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How Fashion PLM Can Affect the Retail Price

Kurt Hentschel Fashion March 20, 2023

Retail pricing refers to the process of setting the price at which a product or service is sold to end consumers. Retail price is the final price that customers pay for a product after taking into account the cost of production, distribution, marketing, and other expenses incurred by the retailer.…

Is Fashion Falling Behind In Virtual Reality?

Kurt Hentschel Fashion December 14, 2022

A few years ago, not long after modern virtual reality rose to commercial prominence, the idea began to circulate that VR would come to define the fashion industry. It was thought that those interested in the said industry would be tuning in to runway shows broadcasted through virtual reality goggles.…

5 Reasons To Consider PLM For Fashion

Kurt Hentschel Fashion / PLM July 21, 2020
plm for fashion

We wake up every day finding a new change in terms of technology, designs, fashions and the general way of life. Every day, we see new changes in technology, designs, fashion, and how we live. People like to be part of new trends, including in business. Customers like trying new…