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Navigating Success in Fashion: Why PLM is a Must-Have Tool

July 18, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced fashion industry, efficiency and streamlined processes are crucial for success. However, despite the undeniable benefits of digital product life cycle management (PLM) solutions, a surprising number of fashion companies have yet to embrace this transformative technology.

In a recent interview with Sourcing Journal, Aleksey Kuzmin, founder and president of Wave PLM, sheds light on the advantages of a fashion PLM software and how Wave PLM addresses common hesitations. Let’s explore why more fashion companies should consider adopting PLM.

Excel’s Limitations

One common objection is the belief that Excel can handle the task adequately. Aleksey explains that while Excel may suffice for basic data management, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage large volumes of data and track changes as a company expands. Wave PLM, purpose-built for the fashion industry, offers a specialized solution that outshines Excel’s general spreadsheet capabilities.

“Excel is a useful tool for basic data management, but it can prevent your company from scaling as it becomes difficult to manage large amounts of data and track changes over time,” says Kuzmin.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Fashion PLM Software

Another concern often raised is the perceived complexity of implementing and teaching a fashion PLM software to teams. Aleksey Kuzmin acknowledges the learning curve associated with generic PLM providers but highlights that Wave PLM has been redesigned to be user-friendly and intuitive. The implementation process is tailored to fit the specific needs and timelines of each company, with basic functionality achievable within 48 hours.

“Not only has Wave PLM been redesigned recently to be user-friendly and intuitive, we also offer training and support resources — free of charge — including online tutorials, video guides, and customer support,” Kuzmin assures.

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Data Protection and Security

The fear of relinquishing control of sensitive data to a third-party platform is a valid concern for many companies. Aleksey Kuzmin emphasizes that data protection and high security standards are top priorities for Wave PLM. The software incorporates robust security measures such as encryption, secure data storage, and regular software updates to ensure data integrity. Additionally, Wave PLM’s SaaS solution allows companies to set permissions, granting control over who can access specific information.

“Wave PLM software includes robust security measures such as encryption, secure data storage, and regular software updates to protect your data,” Kuzmin explains. “Plus, by using a Wave SaaS solution, you can set permissions and control who has access to specific information, ensuring that your data remains secure.”

Mobile Convenience

During the complex approvals process, having a mobile solution adds convenience and agility. Wave PLM addresses this need with its proprietary app, which empowers users to stay in control from anywhere. With a simple barcode scan, instant status updates on samples can be obtained, allowing for quick approvals or rejections. The app also streamlines fabric approvals, sample approvals, lab dip approvals, and other activities, simplifying and automating processes.

“Wave PLM created an app that lets users simply scan a barcode to get instant status updates on samples from anywhere in the world, and then approve or reject as necessary,” Kuzmin elaborates. “We focused on simplifying and eliminating steps with automation to streamline the conversations about a lot of activities — connecting steps together within the system.”

Measuring ROI

One common question revolves around the obligation to implement a fashion PLM software and how to measure the return on investment (ROI). Wave PLM addresses these concerns by offering a three-month trial period and including incidentals that other large software systems typically charge for. Companies can measure ROI by calculating cost savings resulting from reduced errors and improved efficiency.

Furthermore, improved product quality, achieved through a comprehensive view of the product lifecycle and enhanced communication and collaboration, directly impacts the bottom line. By reducing the risk of mistakes and enhancing overall product quality, you can increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

“Utilization of PLM software can have a significant impact on your bottom line by improving efficiency, reducing errors, and streamlining processes,” explains Kuzmin.


To sum up, Wave PLM’s CEO, Aleksey Kuzmin, presents a compelling case for companies to embrace a fashion PLM software. He dispells common objections and highlighting the numerous advantages. By leveraging Wave PLM, companies can achieve enhanced efficiency, scalability, data security, mobile convenience, and measurable ROI. The time has come for fashion companies to harness the power of digital PLM solutions and revolutionize their product life cycle management.

You can access full interview with Wave PLM’s CEO, Aleksey Kuzmin, via this link.

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